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Re: Beeping after power irregularities?

On Tue, 06 Mar 2018 10:50:52 -0800
"James H. H. Lampert" <jamesl@touchtonecorp.com> wrote:

> Our AC power just blinked several times. More or less concurrently
> with that, something in our server cage (we think it's a Debian box);
> it doesn't appear to be an AS/400, any network gear, or our UPS)
> began emitting one-second beeps, approximately every two seconds
> (i.e., a one-second beep alternating with a one-second silence).
> Any insights?

Just a little story...

Beeps and other tones of a kilohertz or so within a room with hard walls
are most amazingly non-directional, and can be remarkably hard to
locate. I spent a couple of hours over several days trying to work out
why my server seemed to have acquired an alarm set for midnight. I
eventually found that I had picked up my radio clock/weather station
and had inadvertently pushed a button which enabled an alarm which
defaulted to midnight, which I didn't know the thing could even do...


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