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Re: Does bash have a tool ?

On Sunday, March 04, 2018 10:26:51 AM Richard Owlett wrote:
> First I need to eliminate the irrelevant text between "KEY2" of the
> previous message and "KEY1" of the message of interest. It should be
> straight forard to do in BASIC.
> But is there an already tested function for that?

Well, I would tend to use awk, sed, or perl, or even a "decent" text editor 
(or word processor) with decent support for regular expressions in the search 
and replace function.  Multiline regexes will be helpful, at the moment I 
don't remember if they are supported in kate / kwrite.  

I have done stuff like this in nedit, even saving a series of search and 
replace functions as, essentially, a macro / script (I forget what nedit calls 

If you expect to do this often, I would think that developing a perl script 
would be worth the effort.

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