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Nemo file-manager questions


Running Cinnamon desktop on Sid.

When I open Nemo, it shows a bunch of "Samsung ANDROID" devices in the left-hand pane, even though my phone is disconnected. When I connect my Samsung Galaxy S5, a window pops up asking what to do; I tell it to open in a file manager, and it opens in Nemo, with all these devices listed, plus two more now that work (one for the main phone memory; one for th SD card).

If I eject one of these devices, they both eject, but they stay listed in that left-hand pane.

How do I get rid of all these no-longer-connected-phone-connections?


The Preview doesn't work for image files. I've found references to "nemo-preview" on Google, but Debian doesn't seem to have that utility. How do I get previews of my image files on my phone?

(I don't mind using another file-manager, like Dolphin or PC-Man (or whatever it's called), but I haven't had any success with them, either.


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