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Stretch with Gnome 3.22 : Icons on desktop

Hi !

Has anyone succeeded in displaying icons on the gnome 3.22 desktop ? I tried the 'gnome-tweak-tool', but the one that is available through the Stretch repositories does not allow displaying any more icons than 'home' and 'dustbin'. I read something saying that icon display will be unavailable after gnome v. 3.28... but I am using 3.22 ! The above document recommends using 'Nemo' instead of Nautilus if one wishes to have icons on desktop. Other docs says one should use 'mate' instead of gnome.

May I ask if someone here has good or bad experience of gnome 3.22, and what is the best way to get desktop icons: Nemo ? Mate ? Something else ?

Thanks in advance for you advices


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