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Re: Using MATE's workspaces effectively

Richard Owlett wrote:
> However, it would solve a problem that I had assumed had to be endured.
> I frequently have a workflow needing root access for which I don't find 
> "su" convenient causing me to logout as 'richard' and login as 'root' 
> and back again.

  um, i open a terminal window in one of my workspaces
and su to root and leave it there.  when i need root
access to do something i click on that workspace and
there it is ready to go.

  to get back to regular user me again i just click
on other workspace i was on before or whatever else
i want to do.

  what is hard about that?

  when i'm done working for the day i make sure all
my programs have things saved that need to be saved
and then use the root terminal to shutdown from
the command line.  next time i boot up i do have to
sign in as root again, but that isn't a major problem
to me.



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