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Re: Were is gapcmon?

On 21/02/18 08:03, Marc Auslander wrote:
> "Juan R. de Silva" <juan.r.d.silva@gmail.com> writes:
>> I've been using gapcmon GUI to control my APC UPS backup units for years. 
>> I cannot find it in Debian Stretch repos. Was the package removed? For 
>> what reason? What can I use in its stead?
>> Thanks.
> I've always use apcupsd which still works in stretch.  My use is pretty
> trivial - just reports - I don't do anything automatic on power fail
> since I can't figure out how to do anything that will always wind up
> with my machine running when the power comes back!

I think you can usually set the power-on behaviour in the BIOS (or EFI,
presumably) - independently of the OS or any shutdown process.


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