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Re: iwlwifi and symbols table

On 11/01/2018 19:00, bw wrote:

On Thu, 11 Jan 2018, Rodary Jacques wrote:

I just upgraded to Stretch. At boot I get a warning: " No
symbols table" (actually it is in French: "pas de table des
symboles"). Nevertheless everything works, except my
access point: "modprobe iwlwifi.ko" can't find this
module  in the kernel directory, but this module is there.
I remember there was a problem with this module in
Jessie, but I can't remember the solution. Please help.

modprobe doesn't use the extension, I think you can still do that with
insmod, but modprobe uses a symbol list created by depmod.
There are pretty good man pages for these tools, but I'd guess your issue
is probably firmware, there's a good wiki about the iwlwif did you check

  # modprobe iwlwifi.ko
modprobe: FATAL: Module iwlwifi.ko not found in directory

Good Luck!

One week later!! For an unknown (for me at least) reason, I lost grub! And as I am (or was) unable to use rescue boot, I reinstalled Stretch and doing that I lost my DNS  chrooted config and my iptables rules. As I am not  as good as I was, it took me a week to recover (even my health, physical and mental). But there still is one issue: at boot time there still is the message: "no symbols table", when all the kernel modules seem to be loaded, and modprobe doesn't seem to fail! Does someone understand? Sorry for my English.

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