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Re: System won't boot anymore after upgrade to jessie

On Thu 11 Jan 2018 at 20:26:24 (+0100), deloptes wrote:
> Greg Wooledge wrote:
> > I don't actually know how many cpio archives are concatenated together
> > in that image.  At least two, obviously, with the first uncompressed
> > and the second gzipped.
> This kernel is custom, produced on one stretch system. On other stretch
> system another custom image is as you describe it. Something must be
> responsible for producing those images on stretch in different format. Who
> knows what is that exactly - would save me some time - is it automatically
> done by size or an option somewhere?

It seems likely that it's because you can add blobs to a preexisting
initramfs without polluting it/having to unpack and repack it. Greg's
example seems to contain an Intel blob. Not compressing it could be
down to futility, or even licence restrictions (not "hiding" it).


BTW the necessity of directories to be unpacked before their contents
still pertains, ie ignore the trick in "cpio -o"'s manpage about using
find … -depth   to create archives in case you are tempted.


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