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Frustration over Debian naming (was: Re: Meltdown fix for wheezy-backports)

Intentionally cross posted.

On Friday, January 12, 2018 04:58:38 AM Richard Hector wrote:
> Apologies for my misunderstanding. I hadn't made the mental link from
> wheezy to LTS (I don't (think I) have any wheezy machines left myself,
> but have acquired clients who do).

Aside: For those on the debian-user lists, the thread came from the debian-
backports list, but my frustration should probably be expressed more to the 
debian-user list (or debian-developer list, assuming there is such a list (to 
which I am not subscribed).

I like Debian, a lot, and have used it since 5.n (was that Lenny??), and will 
probably stick with it as my main daily user system (for some special purposes 
I will install other distros--e.g., I want to do some development for an 
application (Scintilla)  that requires C++ version 17 (iiuc) (although they do 
have an LTS support version that can be compiled with C++ version 11).

But the various names and use of those names gets very frustrating for me, and 
I suspect I am not the only one.  The numbered versions, the Toy Story names, 
and then the testing, stable, old stable, old old stable is just frustrating.

I'm not proposing a soltuion, I'm just expressing frustration.  I guess, for 
me, at first glance, the numbered versions seem easiest (and most 
straightforward)  to me.

I do susbscribe to the backports list.  Maybe someone will tell me that as an 
"ordinary user" I shouldn't, but I think others like myself may subscribe just 
to keep somewhat informed.

Anyway, have a good day.

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