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Re: Strange message during boot

On Thursday, January 11, 2018 05:29:42 AM Richard Owlett wrote:
> OOPS, typos and awkward phrasing. It should have read:
> When booting one specific install, it displays many repetitions of the
> line to the effect that it is beginning a specific script.

Did it give you the name of the specific script?  

Perhaps it would help if you shared that here (along with as much of the 
message as you can duplicate (presumably from memory or after doing a reboot).

> Specifics:
> sda1 - Always has the latest version of Debian, currently 9.1 .
>         For housekeeping reasons it has the only copy of Grub
>         on my machine.
> sda8 - The problem install is Debian 8. It had been my primary work
>         install until I trashed some data files. It has been kept to
>         reconstruct those files as I have time.
> sda9 - Current work install of Debian 9.1

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