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Re: How to create a PDF-Printer from the command line

On Tue 09 Jan 2018 at 19:41:35 +0000, Curt wrote:

> On 2018-01-09, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
> >
> > There are quite a few in this thread. Clue us in?
> The person who responded directly to David's question quoted above,
> whose name, exotic in the regions from which I hail, escapes my
> remembrance.

I am not playing your games. Exotica is outside my field of interest.
Your private life is your own.
> >> pdftex will actually create a pdf out of a text file without complaint
> >> if you put '\end' on a newline at the end of the text file (I wouldn't
> >> recommend such a bare-bones approach, though, in my extremely limited
> >> experience, for formatting reasons). Or you can just type '\end' in the
> >> little interactive mode that comes up in the terminal when errors or
> >> omissions are encountered.
> >
> > My pdftex complained madly about this and eventually threw the towel
> > in.
> I can't account for it. If I feed pdftex a latex file, it whines for
> every latex command it encounters, but if I press enter on each
> encountered command error in the interactive console (if that is indeed
> the term for it) it eventually exits completely (maybe it wants me to
> '\end') , producing a pdf file (the text of which comprises both the
> unknown latex commands as plain old text as well as the text as, well,
> pdf-style text, if you catch my drift).

Oh. pdftex is now being fed a latex file, not a plain text file.

 > pdftex will actually create a pdf out of a *text file*....

(The "*"s are mine. Just in case you fail to notice we are talking
about different things).

Boats. Midstrem.

> >> All roads lead to Rome, I reckon.
> >
> > You always learn something new on this list. I thought it was Grimsby.

On second thoughts (everyone can have them), maybe it was Scunthorpe.


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