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[semi-OT] temperature/humidity/flood sensor recommendations

Hi all,

This is semi-OT but I am curious to know what temperature/humidity/flood
sensors everyone out there has experience with.

I am looking for something to use at home, but I would like to stay away
from WiFi and smart home devices.  Basically, I am looking for something
simple, which plugs into Ethernet, and makes its data available via HTTP
and/or telnet (or any other simple text-based protocol).  If it includes
some other fancy features (e.g., sending email alerts, SNMP traps, etc.)
then that is OK too.  I don't care whether it does onboard data storage.

I intend to integrate this with my own existing monitoring solution that
already includes Icinga, some custom scripts, logcheck alerts, and a few
other odds and ends (e.g., email alerts from apcupsd for power outages).

Any suggestions?



Roberto C. Sánchez

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