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Re: How to create a PDF-Printer from the command line

On 1/7/2018 9:49 PM, Brian wrote:
On Sun 07 Jan 2018 at 21:41:16 +0100, john doe wrote:

On 1/7/2018 9:01 PM, Brian wrote:
On Sat 06 Jan 2018 at 21:51:18 +0100, john doe wrote:

On 1/6/2018 9:15 PM, Brian wrote:
On Sat 06 Jan 2018 at 05:54:00 +0100, john doe wrote:

On 1/6/2018 4:06 AM, Jason wrote:
On a RasperryPi with Raspbian, I would like to create a PDF Printer to
print files to. I only know how to do this with the GUI program
system-config-printer but I don't want to install that on this
Pi. What shell command do I need to create a PDF printer on the Pi (or
on any Debian, for that matter)?

Why do you want to"print" if you can convert to pdf using the command line?
Based on the original file extension you simply search for a utility that
will convert your original file to pdf.

How does one convert a text file to a PDF using the command line?

Using enscript and ps2pdf (goastscript) for example.


Thanks, but I should have been clearer and more precise. I was after a
"one-step" utility which went directly from text to PDF. (cups-pdf gives
the appearence of doing that but it doesn't). You question its utility;
if pressed, I could agree with you.

I don't want to do through the intermediate Postscript production step.

Why not (you can run both utilities in one go)?

You have completely missed the point. "one-step" and "directly" were
the clues.

While I agree that I missunderstood what you were saying; not everyone is fully acquainted with the language of Shakespeare even though the list is in that language. :) Why would I persuade you to do any thing; there are no good answers except the one that suit you.

John Doe

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