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Re: Problem formatting a column to justify (i.e. line wrap)

On 01/07/2018 12:48 PM, David Wright wrote:
On Sun 07 Jan 2018 at 11:34:43 (-0600), Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm new to gnumeric and have not used any spreadsheet since mid 70's.
I'm running Debian 9.1 with MATE desktop and gnumeric 1.12.32 .

I have 2 columns with potentially long lines.
I had no problem selecting a preferred font size.
I created a spreadsheet allowing cells with with long lines to
truncate when displayed.

I then chose to justify. An inappropriate column with had been set
initially resulting in row height of 3 lines of text. I manually
dragged the column separator to an appropriate width resulting in a
desired height of 2 lines of text.

That row is stuck at a height of 3 lines of text.

How can I force each row height to be *NO* taller than necessary to
for the currently longest line?

To correct one row, double-click on the line underneath the row number
in the left hand margin.

To correct all the rows, click on the area just above the row number
for the first row (selects the entire sheet) and then double-click on
any of the lines like the one I described in the previous paragraph.


Thank you.

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