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Re: Experiences with BTRFS -- is it mature enough for enterprise use?

Le 02/01/2018 à 19:05, deloptes a écrit :
David Christensen wrote (quoting md.txt from the kernel documentation) :

You can boot with your md device with the following kernel command

for old raid arrays without persistent superblocks:
md=<md device no.>,<raid level>,<chunk size factor>,<fault

yes and best is you compile raid in, so that boot can be also raided

Best for what ?
Who still uses RAID arrays without persistent superblocks ?
Who still uses RAID assembly by the kernel instead of mdadm ?
All this has beed obsoleted by the superblock format 1.x and the use of an initrd or initramfs.

By the way, if you compile md in the kernel, you should also compile all necessary host controller and disk drivers in. And expect failure with current drivers which do not guarantee that a given disk gets the same device name at each boot.

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