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Re: Mixing and Matching DHCP and static IPs

On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 11:49:17AM -0500, Marc Auslander wrote:
> The safest way to fix an ip address in a dhcp served network is to tell
> the dhcp server to associate that address with the mac of the unit.  The
> address should be outside the dhcp range you set up.  I normall pin down
> all my connected devices that way, leaving the dhcp assignment for
> guests etc.  I've never seen a router which didn't support this.

Thanks, this sounds like a plan. Would doing so be likely to change the 
routing information clients get about how to reach other clients on the 
same subnet? It would SEEM that the problem boils down to 
(AirStation) not knowing how to route to (PI), when there is 
no router required here, they can talk directly...

I'll try it anyway. Thanks.


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