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Re: HiDPI migration: desktop environment issue

On Sun, Dec 24, 2017 at 11:24 AM, Jerome BENOIT
<sphericaltriangle@rezozer.net> wrote:
> Hello, I am currently migrating to a HiDPI box (akda Retina box).
> Since the arrival of GNOME3, I have used Xfce as an alternative to GNOME[2]:
> I have been happy so far with this choice. Right now, I migrating to
> a retina box: it appears, unfortunately, that Xfce support for HiDPI is low.
> small (if not tiny) icons there, big fonts here; and so forth.
> I have tried to fix it to stick to Xfce; after all Xfce is lightweight.
> But the issue is that X is not yet ready to manage HiDPI properly:
> a lot of tweaks are needed to get something almost readable.
> I read that Cinnamon and MATE, both former clones of GNOME[2], have HiDPI in mind:
> is there any other possibility ? which one is the best in terms of weight and HiDPI support ?

If you can pull yourself from a Windows 95-era start menu and
always-visible panels, try the natural and more modern and updated
successor: Gnome 3. Really.

I've never found the claims of Xfce being lightweight to hold up under
scrutiny. It's often more sluggish than Gnome 3 on the clients I've

Right now I'm having the most issues with Xwayland here on debian
testing, but that should be orthogonal to the choice of desktop
environment. I should start another rant about debian's handling of
wayland in a different thread I guess! :)

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