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Re: overcoming known kernel bug

before doing make, do make menuconfig or make xconfig and inspect the relevant options. I usually collect  the chipset specs regarding the mainboard CPU and expansion cards and go through documentation and configuration (if needed). Mostly I just check that the drivers is enabled and if it should be module or built in.

You may also try earlier kernel version - just look at the kernel changelog or google about this problem - I don't know why your keyboard types tons of 'o'


On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 2:31 PM, Brian Oney <brian.j.oney@googlemail.com> wrote:
Thank you for the advice. I have gotten that far and went that far again. Below is what I am doing:

cd ~/kernel/linux-$kversion
# uname -r
# 4.9.0-4-amd64
cp /boot/config-`uname -r` .config
yes '' | make oldconfig
# There are TONS of new options
make -j 4 deb-pkg 

I get everything I would expect (other than the compilation directory being 19GB) and can successfully install the debs. When I restart things, my keyboard doesn't work (well it types tons of the character 'o'. I also get the error that module 'pcskr' is already loaded. I will try to get this puppy booted and ssh into it. Any further tips would be appreciated!


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