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Re: Cumulative internet data transfer {up AND down}

On 11/18/2017 09:15 AM, David Wright wrote:
On Fri 17 Nov 2017 at 15:11:23 (-0600), Richard Owlett wrote:
On 11/17/2017 10:39 AM, David Wright wrote:
On Fri 17 Nov 2017 at 08:52:00 (-0600), Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm interested in investigating cumulative data to/from the internet
for selected interval ranging from an hour to a week.
My only connection is a device connected thru a USB port.
My web search turned up only discussion of measuring throughput RATE.
Suggestion of keyword(s) for search?
Suggested software?

Some routers collect traffic statistics which can be reset and
read at any time, typically through their web interfaces.
(You don't say what's hanging off the USB port.)

 current "month". ISP *EXPLICITLY* states the numbers 'approximate'
<lol> ;/

Presumably there's something between your USB port and your ISP?

A T-Mobile WiFi Hotspot with wifi capability turned off. I.E. just being used as a modem. It's identified on Mate's top panel as an "Ethernet wired connection". I routinely use ~1.2 GB of a 2 GB data cap - was formerly a happy user of a 56k modem.

Yes, I wouldn't expect anything better than daily stats from the
ISP itself. Just monthly is poor.


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