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Re: Editing Problem with bash script and sed


i see at least one problem in Trim_Line.sh :
It uses "$1" as shell parser input and as sed regular expression.

With "S.*-" as "$1", the meaning differs in both contexts.
The shell parser input of

  for filename in *$1*

will look for files with a text snippet "S.".
The expression in 


will not insist in seeing the "." after "S". It rather understands the "."
as instruction to match any character.

Looking at File.txt, i'd say "St.*-" could match the "St. John's College
Choir, Cambridge -" files in both interpretations.

In general, sed goes better with grep than with the shell parser.

  ls -d * | grep "$1" | while read filename
                  n=$(echo "$fname" | sed -e s/"$1"//)

Regrettably i found no way to make this safe against newlines in filenames.
I'd do it in C language if such names were to be expected.

Have a nice day :)


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