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Re: Iceweasel woes

On 11/7/17, RRRoy BBBean <rrroybbbean@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It has problems, especially with scripts. There are apparently simple
>> pages which will eat a third of a CPU, continuously.
> In the past, I have foolishly let my computer sit overnight, with FF
> open to a site which (it turned out, on later examination) continuously
> cycled video ads. I noticed the next morning that the room was 20
> degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal, and the computer had not gone to
> sleep as it should have. The processor had been maxed out all night
> long, loading and playing video ads. This converted my low-powered
> laptop computer into a very effective little heating unit.
> Since then, I have started using Adblock and Noscript together, and
> shutting down FF when not actively using it, which avoids this
> "heating" problem.
> Now, I have to temporarily enable between 20 and 200 domains every time
> I do anything. I can't imagine what the www will be like in another 10
> years...

CTRL+Tab, CTRL+R all the way down the line BEFORE I log onto dialup
Internet. Gets old when there's (literally) 300, 350 pages open...

Even whichever one lets you refresh all pages at one time doesn't
really seem to help (me) at startup. Some will still start trying to
load and contact their mothership after I perform that refresh all

Granted some of that will have to do with cookie refresh. BUT that
should NOT happen until **I** manually bring that cookie's webpage
back up live when **I** am ready to view it again.

Another half detail here, I've forgotten which one but one browser
gives us the opportunity to tell website apps that, NO, they may NOT
continue running in the background on our computers AFTER we close our
browsers down. I haven't seen that toggle switch in a few months, but
it does feel like I've seen it in at least the last year.

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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