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Re: Iceweasel woes

On Tue 07 Nov 2017 at 08:34:44 (-0800), Mike McClain wrote:
> I run an older PC, Pentium3 w/ 512M memory which does everything I
> need but Iceweasel is killing me since the last couple of upgrades.
> It's become such a memory hog that it ties up the system for minutes
> at a time.
> How can I backup to the version of a couple of months ago?

Same here, though a lot depends on what else you're using the
system for, and whether you've been running another program
that needs lot of memory.

The single thing that's made most difference for me is the link in
(to which the operaphiles have not responded).
It probably makes no difference to rendering a page like itself,
but it cuts a lot of the downloading of stupid bits of code that
bring the elderly processor to its knees.


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