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Re: adsl route

Le 03/11/2017 à 12:51, Pol Hallen a écrit :
What manages the wan interface ? /etc/network/interfaces,

statically with /etc/network/interfaces

Then I wonder how the modem knows you rebooted.
Can you show the file ?
Did you try with DHCP ?

NetworkManager, other ?

I don't have X

NetworkManager does not depend on X.

Which server ?

debian 9.x

my server has 2 network interfaces

Is that "server" the machine which is connected to the modem ?
Isn't it rather a router than a server ?

What does it mean exactly ?

that, suddently internet goes down...

Not very helpful. What does it mean that "internet goes down" ? This is a user experience, not a technical fact. We need technical facts.

routing table is ok

Can you show it with ip route ? Also the output of ip addr.

Can you still reach (ping) the modem from the router ?


So it is not a connectivity problem on the ethernet link.

What is the output of "traceroute" from the router ?


Really nothing ? Not even the first hop reply from the modem or an error message ?

Did you run a packet capture program such as tcpdump on the interface connected to the modem to see what is going on ?

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