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Re: adsl route

Le 03/11/2017 à 10:32, Debian EN a écrit :
Hello to all :-) I've fastweb italian adsl

2 networks interfaces:

wan --> modem

(prefix length corrected in quote)

What manages the wan interface ? /etc/network/interfaces, NetworkManager, other ?
How is it configured ? Statically, by DHCP ?

everything works but:

sometimes when I reboot my server,

Which server ? Do you mean the router with the two network interfaces ?

DSL stops works

What does it mean exactly ?
Is the wan interface configured properly ? Check with "ip addr" and "ip route" on the router.
Can you still reach (ping) the modem from the router ?
What is the output of "traceroute" from the router ?
If the above works, did you check DNS resolution (with host or dig) ?

You can compare these results with the results when everything works.

I have to call the provider and I don't know how and what, reactivates DSL

Did you try to reboot the modem ?

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