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Re: HOWTO: Setup persistent RDP sessions

Hörmetjan Yiltiz wrote:

> Seems like a very simple solution! Do you know if this works for RDP? And
> what runs that vnc-run.sh? Is it executed upon SSH login, VNC login, or by
> the admin?

The vnc-run.sh is my own script

To automate it, you need to modify the script starting the session on the
server. Unfortunately I don't know what how exactly works in your setup.
The RDP/VNC client needs a running vnc server, so I login to the server and
execute this vnc-run.sh.

The vncserver reads .vnc/xstartup which spawns the session and desktop.

xsetroot -solid grey
icewm &

When you find a way to automate it, please post back here.


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