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Re: Another Devuan annoyance: CLI default apps

* Ron OLGIATI <renaud@olgiati-in-paraguay.org> [17-10/31=Tu 19:11 -0300]:
>> [...] Devuan Jessie, I tried to use crontab [...]
>> under Devuan, crontab opens the file with nano [...]

* deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> [17-11/01=We 09:23 +0100]:
> [...] OP wanted to edit crontab, which needs root access.

It seems more likely that he was talking about running crontab(1),
the command, rather than editing </etc/crontab>.

Ordinary users can run 'crontab -e' to edit their own <~/.crontab>s
without needing root access, as long as permitted by any
cron.{allow,deny} files (which, if extant, are in /etc on
Debian, but in /usr/lib/cron in the 2003 POSIX manual, and in
an "implementation defined" location in the 2008 POSIX manual).

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