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Re: Stretch : mount Jessie encrypted HDD via USB

commentsabout@riseup.net wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to connect my old Jessie HDD via USB in order to transfer
> files to my new Stretch system (details below). It does not work out of
> the box because it is encrypted, how should I proceed?
> - I only have a laptop;
> - 1 old HDD with Jessie (guided encrypted LVM install);
> - 1 new SSD with Stretch (guided encrypted LVM install), this drive is
> in the laptop;
> - 1 S-ATA to USB adapter.
> Needless to say that I have the passphrase for both systems. I am
> actually worried to damage the Jessie system by using wrong commands so
> I am looking for help.
> Thank you in advance :)
> CA

most modern desktops will offer a tool to react when disk (usb) is plugged
in and if encrypted ask for password to decrypt. IF there is lvm they will
handle the lvm automatically

Manually it can be done as follows (presumably the disk was encrypted with

1. plugin in / connect the usb to the computer
2. cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sd<x>1 cryptedDisk
3. vgchange -ay cryptedDisk
4. mount /dev/mapper/cryptedDisk-<logical volume> ...


1. umount /dev/mapper/cryptedDisk-<logical volume>
2. vgchange -an cryptedDisk
3. cryptsetup luksClose cryptedDisk
4. unplug

* <x> - disk id (a,b,c,d etc)
* <logical volume> - volume name

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