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Re: new ssd in dell optiplex 745, won't even load grub

On 10/28/17 11:31, Gene Heskett wrote:
Greetings all;

I've partitioned and formatted this 64GB SSD, copied everything from both
working partitions of a 2TB drive to it, filling it up to a whopping
18%, edited the SSD's version of /etc/fstab to use the proper blkid's to
mount it including swap, and edited /boot/grub/device.map to point at
the /dev/disk/by-id description/identifier of the drive.  And set the
first partitions boot flag.

But pull the 2TB, and plug its cables into the SSD, and grub is not

What did I miss?

For system drives, I use dd to copy raw drive contents from one device to an image file, from one device to another device, and from an image file to a device:

partition table/ boot loader
boot partition
encrypted swap partition
encrypted boot partition

For this to work:

1.  I use BIOS firmware and MS-DOS partition tables.

2. The destination device needs to have at least as many blocks available as were used by the source device. I have several 16 GB SSD's and 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drives for this purpose. As different "16 GB" devices can have a similar, but unequal, number of blocks, I typically use no more than 90% of the available space when I install.

Given your significant size mismatch (2 TB -> 64 GB), and possible UEFI and/or GPT, you might want to use a more sophisticated tool. Clonezilla comes to mind.


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