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Re: Bug: updating Debian9 not "allowed".

On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 11:50:05AM +0000, Joerg Desch wrote:
> I'm still running Debian 8 on all of my systems. Since it is time to 
> switch to Debian 9, I've tried to have a first look at it. So I've 
> installed the nonfree DVD-Image 9.2 within a VirtualBox container. All 
> went fine, until I've tried to update the APT database.
> Both, apt and Synaptics updates fails. In both cases the error reports, 
> that /etc/apt/trusted.gpg is not accessible by user "_apt". 
> The recommendation I've found was to delete trusted.gpg.
> OK, this was a workaround for using apt. Both update and upgrade works 
> without errors. Trying Synaptics leads to the previous behavior. The file 
> trusted.gpg appears again and with this file, the error returns.
> By the way... Why is the VirtualBox Guest Utils package not available in 
> the official repositories?

However, there is now a backport:




Roberto C. Sánchez

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