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Bug: updating Debian9 not "allowed".

I'm still running Debian 8 on all of my systems. Since it is time to 
switch to Debian 9, I've tried to have a first look at it. So I've 
installed the nonfree DVD-Image 9.2 within a VirtualBox container. All 
went fine, until I've tried to update the APT database.

Both, apt and Synaptics updates fails. In both cases the error reports, 
that /etc/apt/trusted.gpg is not accessible by user "_apt". 

The recommendation I've found was to delete trusted.gpg.

OK, this was a workaround for using apt. Both update and upgrade works 
without errors. Trying Synaptics leads to the previous behavior. The file 
trusted.gpg appears again and with this file, the error returns.

By the way... Why is the VirtualBox Guest Utils package not available in 
the official repositories?

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