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Re: attach a big picture This username is already in use. Stupid Yahoo mail won't let me in I am sorry, Cars Street signs etc,

On 2017-10-21, arne <sp113438@telfort.nl> wrote:
> I am not a robot.
> I can see clear whether I see a car or a street sign.

I've had problems with the street sign "captcha" (?) myself, not knowing
whether a section containing part of the support (pole or whatever) for
the sign constitutes something I should click on or not; then, after
exasperatingly fruitless efforts stretching out excessively in the
direction of time's inexorable arrow (unless you're a quantum elementary
particle) choosing the auditory or oral route and being unable for
unknown reasons to play the sound file.

I have therefore come to conclusion that I am indeed some kind of robot.

I think you may need to man up like I did (perhaps not the appropriate
expression here) and face up to the fact that you might not be human.

Given the crimes associated with that race of animals, it can actually
be something of a relief.

"A simpering Bambi narcissist and a thieving, fanatical Albanian dwarf."
Christopher Hitchens, commenting shortly after the nearly concurrent deaths 
of Lady Diana and Mother Theresa.

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