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Re: After update only opengl 1.4 instead of 2.0

On Wed, 18 Oct 2017, Hans wrote:

> Dear list, 
> my netbook with an I945 graphics chip does no more support opengl 2.0. Only 
> opengl 1.4 is loaded.
> It would be nice, if someone could verify this before I send a bugreport. I 
> believe, the package responsible for this is libgl1-mesa, but I am not sure. 
> If this is really a bug, what is the responsible package?
> Thanks for any help! 
> Best regards
> Hans

I don't use testing, but I assume you do?

> Device: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GME x86/MMX/SSE2 (0x27ae)
>    Version: 17.2.2

You can find out more about the packages in all distributions at 
packages.debian.org and find links to the bug reports.

Offhand, from a quick search for mesa there has been a change for 
libgl1-mesa in buster, it is now a 'dummy' package.  Maybe there are more 
changes to come shortly that will solve your problem?

I know there are certain recommended ways to keep a testing system 
running, are you following these?


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