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Re: removing of sddm (debian 9 -kde5) to start in console mode then startx to start kde5

David Wright composed on 2017-10-17 13:36 (UTC-0500):

> On Tue 17 Oct 2017 at 13:56:37 (-0400), Greg Wooledge wrote:

>> On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 06:42:04PM +0100, Brian wrote:

>> > On Tue 17 Oct 2017 at 11:38:40 -0500, David Wright wrote:

>> > > On Tue 17 Oct 2017 at 19:32:11 (+0500), Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:

>> > > > Deprecated doesn't mean it doesn't exist or work anymore at all, it
>> > > > means it isn't supported anymore and should not be used.
>> > > > Look it up, it was deprecated for quite some time.

>> >  https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8737 

>> So it's deprecated in Mageia GNU/Linux?  OK.  If I were a Mageia user (or
>> had ever heard of it before today) that might carry some weight with me.

>> Just curious, what are Mageia users expected to use instead of startx if
>> they want to start a traditional X session from a console?  Or is that
>> no longer a supported configuration at all?  (By traditional, I mean
>> a ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc file that contains "exec twm" or whatever
>> window manager you prefer.)

> I see no evidence from a quick look at their website and the wiki
> that they support (or ever supported) X without a DE. I may be wrong;
> it's difficult to prove a negative. I'd be interested in a reference
> to a counter-example.

>> Did they simply throw every window manager under the bus and say "Nope,
>> sorry, you gotta run a desktop environment now"?

> Did they ever support WMs? If not, then they wouldn't have any reason
> to get rid of them, and what would they have used startx for. Why
> would they have any reason to deprecate it rather than just ignore it? 

Mageia is among those installed on most of my multiboot PCs.

Mageia's contributor base is among the more limited among top 20 distros. It
provides limited deviation from upstream. Thus, if upstream says something is
deprecated, Mageia either claims it's deprecated, or is silent on the subject.

Startx continues to work more or less as always in Mageia, just as in Debian,
though not necessarily perfectly:

Since KDM has been removed from both Mageia and Stretch, killing KDM features
not supported by GDM, LightDM or SDDM, I more often start X sessions in those
installations using startx than otherwise (which usually means TDM).

One of my use cases for startx is need for simultaneously run X sessions
*initialized* with unique and/or arbitrary configurations, e.g.:

	1920x1200@120DPI on :0 (default, via login greeter)
	1440x900@108DPI on :1 (non-default, via vtty3 login)
	1920x1200@132DPI on :2 with panning (virtual desktop) 1920x2400

If such is supported entirely from running Xorg, I have yet to find how. Such
settings from within any running DE don't count, due to key requirements
"initialized" and "arbitrary" that obviate starting a session, configuring via
GUI, then restarting session with the just applied (user-specific) modifications.
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