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Re: Recovering accidentally deleted file folder

On 10/16/2017 08:28 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
It wasn't backed up - will have to follow advice  advice I've given others ;/
I've not done file recovery since early days of WinXP.

On the affected machine I'm running Stretch(9.1) with Mate desktop.
The affected folders are on a partition normally mounted by a line in fstab.

I immediately shut down.
There is another instance of Debian on a separate partition.
Logging in as root I edited fstab commenting out the appropriate line.

I feel the the data is still valid - there is just no appropriate directory entries for the affected folder and its sub-directories.

Guidance please.


I've used "testdisk" a couple of times, the last time I recovered a one TB drive and it pulled 1.6TB of stuff off of the drive, how because it will find all the partitions tables that have ever been installed. You may need to run testdisk from a cd or pen drive, you don't want to run it on a mounted drive and you need an external to save back what you want and it will take some time for it to find the stuff and for it to be coped back and of course depending on size of the drive. For me it was worth it and saved my files going back to the mid 90's.
Jimmy Johnson

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