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Re: Update under Gnome - I almost passed out!!!

On 10/15/2017 03:31 PM, Floris wrote:
> Op Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:28:10 +0200 schreef A_Man_Without_Clue
> <love.chaser@gmail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> I just posted question regarding LXDE panel, but....
>> i was just trying to see if it would make differences if I switched to
>> GNOME desktop and go back to LXDE hoping it might read config file or
>> whatever correctly but...
>> I just was looking around under GNOME for while then the pop-up at the
>> top of the desktop sayinf "important Update...." so I clicked and it
>> says there are 4 important updates for VLC, OS, Audacious and forgot the
>> other one. SO without thinking I clicked to update. Then it said the
>> system will reboot automatically and run update. The PC rebooted as it
>> said, then displayed progressive update process...took while.
>> When the PC started with GDM3 display manager (I had configured with
>> lightDM though), it only showed my account name. I had three other
>> account set up. and it used to show all the other users.
>> Anyway, I logged in with my account then GNOME started. Funny thing is,
>> there are no Thunderbird, no other apps I had added. Seemed like it only
>> had standard apps such as Firefox and others.
>> i also checked users account to see if other users are there or not, but
>> no one else was there. i also checked home directory to see if there are
>> other's home directories. Only mine was there.
>> At this point I was panicked thinking other settings were deleted.
>> I rebooted the PC again, now from here my memory is bit hazy as I was
>> panicking pretty bad but it hanged at start up sequence so I did
>> ctl+alt+del to restart (it did respond) to reboot. This time it rebooted
>> normally I started recovery mode. I checked if other account home
>> directories are there or not, and they are there.
>> I rebooted again, then the lightDM appears with all other users. Started
>> normally. I was saved but....
>> What was this behavior? I have never encountered something like this.
>> Has anyone got same experience as mine?
>> What was going on? That was pretty bad. I really panicked.
>> Thanks for reading.
>> Man Without No Clue
> What are the user id's of the other users? Gdm3 doesn't show users with
> a number below 1000

Other users' IDs are 1000s. Just regular users. Gdm3 and lighgm used to
show all users prior to this as expected and working just fine without

Only right after this strange update behavior , the gdm3 (despite my
setting was to use lightgm) only showed one user name.

I still did not understand what happened.

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