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LTE router usage.


The large number of readers with extensive expertise 
motivates me to post here.  Apologies for being out of 

A friend uses a phone, connecting to a cell tower about 10 
km distant, as an access point in Tanzania. According to 
this map, there are LTE routers which work in N. America and 
part of S. America and other routers which work elsewhere 
in the world. http://www.worldtimezone.com/gsm.html

This TP-Link MR200 router works in Ghana.  
I expect it to work in Tanzania as well. Can anyone confirm 
or deny that? Will any similar router work throughout the 
world?  Or in N. America and Tanzania at least?  Any 
additional recommendations for a router?

The connection to the distant cell tower should be better if 
one of the monopole antennas is replaced with a directional 
antenna.  Any recommendations for that?

Thanks,        ... Peter E.


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