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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

On Monday, 9 October 2017 06:50:03 UTC+1, Jimmy Johnson  wrote:

> Is there some kind of man page or something to explain what foo.deb is 
> and or bar.deb is, because in my 20+ years googling or other ways I 
> don't understand.  If not I've been doing fine without knowing.  I will 
> say I probably got gdebi and dpkg -i mixed up, but I do know that #dpkg 
> -i (package name) will install the package if you cd to the directory 
> where the package is.  But you are probably right, I just don't know 
> what you're saying. To me bar is someplace where people go to talk about 
> foo.

Foo, bar and baz are metasyntactic variables, placeholders having similar functions to x and y in algebra. Wikipedia and The New Hackers Dictionary have good explanations and many further examples. See also FUBAR, but foo was in use before WW2.

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