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New stretch kernel: lilo boot fails with "EBDA is big" message

After the stretch 9.2 kernel upgrade to 4.9.0-4, lilo gives, at
boot, "EBDA is big; kernel setup stack overlaps LILO second stage"
and freezes.

 - After upgrading, I installed irqbalance before re-booting.
 - Lilo then gave "Loading linux" followed by a line and a half of
 	"....." and hung, both for the new and old (4.9.0-3) kernels.
 - Using the stretch install disk for rescue, I purged irqbalance and
 	re-ran lilo.
 - Now I get the "EBDA" message for the new kernel, but the old one
 	boots normally.
 - I've re-installed the kernel package and re-generated initramfs
 	(and re-run lilo), but it still fails.

The most common cause of the EBDA message seems to be neglecting to
run lilo, but I've done that.  Output from lilo -v appears to be

I upgraded 4 other machines with no problem.  All are i686 with
similar configuration, except that the failing one installs the
boot loader in a partition rather than in the MBR.


Bill Brelsford

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