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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

On Sun, 8 Oct 2017, Emanuel Berg wrote:

> If the firmware is only for WiFi, then it is
> a whole other issue because I don't care
> about WiFi!
> Why doesn't Ethernet (DHCP autoconf) work?

Hey Emanuel, I know it's frustrating.  But if you slow down a little and 
do some research it will make things a lot easier.  Like identifying your 
hardware and such in particular is a real good idea.  You're going to have 
to do it probably one way or the other, and it makes sense to do it first.


The install manual has some good info, and also sometimes I search for 
terms like "debian on Compaq 6720s" and look for info that way.

If you let people know what the hardware device is, and not just the 
computer model, it will really help.

Also I did a quick search for Compaq 6720s and it the links I found don;t 
mention a broadcom device, it should have an intel wireless setup?


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