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Re: Root Privilege Issue

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On Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 08:51:01PM +0530, ARAVIND B KUMAR wrote:
> First Of All Thanks For The Replay And We Change The Normal User To
> Administrator Using User Admin Tool Which I Attach The Screen Shot Of It
> And Before I Change The User To Administrator While Mount The Hard drive It
> Ask For Root Password But Now It Ask For User Password  And I Attach The
> Screen Shot And We Didn't Use The Command To Change And We Didn't Mean
> About Adding User To Group Sudoers

I'm sorry I don't know very much about desktop environments, but if I
interpret your description correctly, what this button ("Administrator")
seems to be doing is adding the user to the sudoers group.

That suspicion is reinforced by the fact that formerly you were asked
the root password and now the user's password. BUT... desktop environments
have sometimes their very own funny ways of doing things.

Perhaps someone with more clues on desktop environments can chime in.

Have you tried the "Advanced" settings?

Again -- if you start a terminal as a normal user, what is the output
of the commands "id -G" and "id -Gn" (those print the groups that user
is member of: the first by number, the second by name)

- -- tomás
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