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Re: Root Privilege Issue

On Sat, 7 Oct 2017 11:21:39 +0530
ARAVIND B KUMAR <aravind.aravind892@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Sir
> We Are Using Debian 9 With Gnome And We Have 2 Account One Is Root And
> Other One Is User Account Recently We Change The User Account To
> Administrator And After That We Cant Change The Administrator To Root
> And While We Mount The Drive Its Ask For User Account Password Not
> Root Password And We Change The User Privilege But Still It Ask For
> User Password And UID/GID 1000 And We Also Remove The User Line In
> Sudoers But Still It Ask User Password Only And Please Help Us.
> We Are Looking Forward From You.

Can you say what it is you want to achieve?

Debian will assign the UID and GID 1000 to the first normal user
account created. This user account will never have root privileges
except through su or sudo, or one of the variants of them. There is
only one root account, with UID/GID 0.

No user account can be turned into root, this is not Windows. If you
want a particular user to have root privileges, you either give him the
root password and let him use su, or assign some or all privileges
using sudo and he can use his own password for these occasions. The
latter is recommended, as any log entries will show his user name. If
more than one person is using root through su, it is often impossible
to say which user did what.

Does any of this cover what you want to do? If not, please explain


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