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Re: x : keyboard not working

Mayuresh Kathe composed on 2017-10-06 21:19 (UTC+0530):

>> > On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 08:22:41PM +0530, Mayuresh Kathe wrote:

>> > [X keyboard not working]
> i have been working with unix and unix-like systems since 1997, have
> been aware of that mouse-focus scenario. :)

Is it possible you're overlooking the obvious, missing a required input
driver package?

# cat /etc/debian-version
# dpkg -l | grep input
ii  libavdevice57:amd64           10:3.3.4-dmo1+deb9u1  amd64  FFmpeg library for handling input and output devices - runtime files
ii  libinput-bin                  1.6.3-1               amd64  input device management and event handling library - udev quirks
ii  libinput10:amd64              1.6.3-1               amd64  input device management and event handling library - shared library
ii  xserver-xorg-input-all        1:7.7+19              amd64  X.Org X server -- input driver metapackage
ii  xserver-xorg-input-evdev      1:2.10.5-1            amd64  X.Org X server -- evdev input driver
ii  xserver-xorg-input-libinput   0.23.0-2              amd64  X.Org X server -- libinput input driver
ii  xserver-xorg-input-mouse      1:1.9.2-1+b1          amd64  X.Org X server -- mouse input driver
ii  xserver-xorg-input-synaptics  1.9.0-1+b1            amd64  Synaptics TouchPad driver for X.Org server
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