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Re: Bug#1 Freeze - Re: Intel i965

Jimmy Johnson wrote:

> Hello,
> Here's an update, testing current kernels for Stretch 4.9.0-3, Buster
> 4.12.0-2 and Sid/Testing 4.13.0-1 they are all working swell, as for the
> regression, as long as I don't look there is none.  As far as I'm
> concerned we can close this bug.
> Thank you, great job!

I use this opportunity to report on 4.12. I have a server with sas,
[    1.159295] megasas: 07.701.17.00-rc1
[    1.159311] mpt3sas version loaded

Before 4.12 I had many issues with raided disks. with 4.12.10 it works
really fine. Upgrading to stretch yesterday, all raid devices assembled
automatically, which before was not the case.

I think I'll stick to 4.12 for a while.


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