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Re: bug report - I don't know what package the bug is in

On Thu, 05 Oct 2017, Sergey Storm wrote:
> Hello. I have a problem with keyboard input and I don't know what
> package the bug is in. Bugreport gave me this email address for
> assistance. Help me please.

> I use two languages and switch them using ctrl+shift. But combinations
> ctrl+shift+'any letter' do not correctly work either in the browser,
> or in the konsole. All combinations ctrl+shift+'any letter' run as
> ctrl+'any letter' and language switch. Thank you.

You almost certainly want something like grp:shifts_toggle (both shifts
toggle) or similar, not grp:ctrl_shift (control/shift toggles).

Otherwise you won't be able to type ctrl-shift-key combinations, because
they will shift the layout. man 7 xkeyboard-config; for details about
all of the possible grp: settings for toggling between layouts.

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