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Re: This (new to me) ip thingy

On Tuesday 03 October 2017 04:17:49 Reco wrote:

> 	Hi.
> On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 04:04:56AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Tuesday 03 October 2017 03:02:42 Reco wrote:
> > > ip -r n s
> >
> > returns this unsorted list:
> > rock64Sheldon.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 3e:1b:98:17:e3:8c STALE
> > scanner.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 30:05:5c:8a:2d:c8 STALE
> > picnc.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr b8:27:eb:d3:47:2d STALE
> > lathe.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 38:60:77:cd:f3:2f STALE
> > router.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 4c:e6:76:ad:34:0a STALE
> > GO704.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 00:1a:a0:a7:a8:d4 STALE
> > shop.coyote.den dev eth0 lladdr 38:60:77:4e:38:1b STALE
> >
> > No clue why it should mark them all as stale except they've been up
> > since the last power failure. This room is the only UPS and not all
> > of it is on the UPS.  I also have a 20kw nat-gas standby in the
> > backyard, so failures are just short enough to screw up the
> > auto-reboot settings.
> STALE has nothing to do with it. A typical ARP record (MAC-IP
> correspondence) has very limited lifetime (30 seconds by default
> IIRC). STALE shows you that this host haven't send any packets to
> these hosts in last 30 seconds.
> Also, ip-neighbour(8).
> > >Frankly I'm not surprised that it failed to resolve
> > > Nobody sane would add a DNS record for this anyway.
> >
> > I think thats from avahi, is definitely is not anything I have
> > configured.
> Multicasts are not anything that *anyone* should configure.
> The whole idea of them is that your L2 network segment configures by
> itself.
> Reco

In that class A? Not even my isp has anything there.  Its not a pingable 
address from here as I believe dd-wrt would stop it, nor does whois have 
a clue. NSA back door?  Damnifiknow. Traceroute gets zero response too.  
So what or who is it?


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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