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Re: Icons for mount points (Continuing with configuring our "new" Debian server

About a week and a half before I went on my fall vacation, acting on
recommendations from a couple of List members, I moved the mount point
for the "Auxiliary" mirrored pair I added from "Media" to the file
system root, and it works quite nicely.

Just before my vacation, I asked a question about an issue that developed when I did that:

I'd like that mount point to show up in Gnome as
something other than a generic folder icon.
. . .
When I plug [my] icon into the mount-point folder's properties, it
shows up . . . . Until the system is rebooted. After a reboot, the
mount point shows up as a generic document icon (the very last thing
I would want a mount point to look like!)

What am I doing wrong?


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