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Re: Free TCP/IP port numbers?

Victor Porton wrote:

> We are going to install a range of software on a Debian Linux
> installation. Because we run the same software (such as Celery) several
> times, we need to use port numbers different than the standard Debian port
> numbers chosen by default (because we can't run more than one instance of
> a server with the same port, and thus using the standard port number for
> all servers would fail).
> How to choose TCP/IP port numbers for server software we run in such a way
> that they don't clash with "standard" Debian port numbers?
> In Debian are there any ranges of port numbers dedicated (so that they
> wouldn't clash with "standard" that is used by default port numbers) for
> servers configured by users?
> Note that we run (at least some of) our software not as root, so we can't
> use ports below 1024.

I received no satisfactory answer.

So I feel that there is no Debian policy on using port numbers.

This policy should be added to Debian!

It may be something like: "Debian packages (with default configuration) are 
allowed to bind ports 1-10000. Ports 10001-32000 are available for users."

Please discuss.

Victor Porton - http://portonvictor.org

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