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Re: Restore backup to KVM


On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 03:42:03PM +0200, solitone wrote:
> This is serious hacking :^)

That's what they paying me for at office ☺.

> On 30/09/17 13:04, Reco wrote:
> > the next thing I have to suspect is that your backup misses
> > /dev directory (possibly /proc and /sys). The contents for those are
> > irrelevant. You simply do not have /dev, /proc, /sys in your root
> > filesystem.
> No, I don't, you're perfectly right! Now I've made /dev, /proc, /sys, as
> well as /run and now it boots right.
> I still have several error messages complaining about the floppy disk (?),

QEMU emulates floppy drive by default. Empty one, that is (unless you
pass -fda option to QEMU).
Initrd merely probes the drive (which means you have "floppy" module
inside initrd), the drive says "I have no floppy". Annoying, but harmless.


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