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Re: Minicom problem

On 09/15/2017 01:21 AM, deloptes wrote:
Fred wrote:


I sometimes use minicom to talk to some equipment over a wired
connection.  Minicom comes up off line and I can't find what makes it go
on line.  I look through some of the menus and at some point it decides
it is on line.  Maybe it has a timeout.  How can I make it cut out the
foolishness immediately go on line?

I am not aware that it has timeout. Perhaps the problem is on the other end
or if you configure too high speed, it might be unstable.

What is the version of minicom you use? On which system (debian,kernel
etc) ?

Last time I used it it without issues was in jessie, couple of months ago.

Try at lower speed/rate.


The version is 2.6.1 running on Wheezy (sparc). The speed is 9600 baud. Once it goes on line there is no problem. It is just when the program starts it starts off line.

I just tried to determine if there is a timeout. I found that when minicom starts the status line says offline but it actually is working, on line. The status display changes to online after about a minute.

So, I guess I don't really have a problem! I don't care what the status line says.

Best regards,
Fred Boatwright

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