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Laptop Wireless issues


I'm a new linux user. I've used Debian on Virtualbox but recently decided to make the move to a dedicated Debian system. I recently purchased an Asus X541-UA-RH71 to install Debian on. I ran into some issues with the wifi setup.

When I was installing it said that the firmware for rtlwifi/rtl8723befw.bin couldn't be found. Realizing that I probably wouldn' be able to fix the issue without finishing installation, I went on until installed.

Using another computer I started googling.

This article told me to download the .bin firmware file, which I did. I attempted to re-install Debian. When the same message came up, I inserted my USB with the .bin file on it. However, after some time, the same message kept appearing. Maybe the computer wasn't detecting the .bin file?

The same article suggests to upload the .bin file to /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/. I tried locating that file on my new computer but was unable to. The apt-file command isn't installed yet (due to not having wifi). I tried copying the .bin file to the /lib/firmware/rtlwifi folder but was unable to.

I tried unmounting the module and remounting it. Nothing as well. 

The Debian website suggested loading all the firmware files in conjunction with the installation of Debian in order to mitigate the chances of having issues. I'm not sure how to use the .tar file when I'm installing Debian. Do I need to partition the USB drive so there are both the OS and the firmware files? Or do I put the firmware .tar file on another USB that is used later in the installation process?

Here is what I'm thinking might work:

1. Get an ethernet cable and use that to connect online, then run the commands and make sure the RealTek drivers are there and then attempt to add the .bin file again.

2. Install the DVD image iso that has more of the packages already downloaded and hopefully that will allow me to access the commands/files I need in order to remedy the situation.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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